About NRD

Benefits of Using NewRecordDeal.com

New Record Deal was founded by a 40-year veteran in the radio/music business, NewRecordDeal.com provides aspiring musicians and record moguls a host of products and services, from music critiques and copyright services to books that list the inside contact information of radio station directors and record label executives. These resources have never before been available to the public, but they are available to you right now through NewRecordDeal.com!


On this site, you’ll find opportunities including:

A directory of the top record companies complete with the contact information of key players

The contact information for the current program directors of chart active radio stations

Receive critiques from established music professionals, offering  direct responses and an independent, honest assessment of your talent and guidance on what to do better


Bypass television shows that promise to showcase your talent – submit your talent directly to the decision makers themselves with books offered by NewRecordDeal.com!


The Idol Factor has ever before offered to the public, the following distinct books are now available for purchase on NewRecordDeal.com.